Applying behavioral economics to analyze my user experience through the app.

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From their first acquisition in 2019 with Gimlet Media, to their latest deal with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Spotify have reportedly spent around $900 million on their podcast venture during the last two years. In between, they’ve been on a shopping spree signing high-profiles like Joe Rogan, Kim Kardashian West, and Michelle Obama to their platform. Today, they are well on their way of transforming from a music streaming company to a fully fledged audio first company.

With all that lavish spending though, the big question is whether their app is living up to their high expenses? After…


Despite constant negative headlines, individual and societal benefits of sharing our data to companies still exist.

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As a digital analyst I collect data from people like you everyday to help companies understand your behavior. I truly love my work, and find it quite thrilling to dig into data and use a combination of creativity, psychology, logic and mathematics to find those unseen patterns that can help my clients reach their goals. Nothing beats the satisfaction I feel when I’m in this zone and everything just flows smoothly.

However, a while ago I had a bit of an identity crisis about my occupation.

Why? Because everyday there seems to be a new scandal connected to customer data…

By categorizing everything into “dark” vs. “light” patterns, we oversimplify the user experience as evil vs. moral. The reality is not always this simple.

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In Netflix’s The Social Dilemma we learn how closely data and web design work together to shape our decision-making. The film presents a fictional account of an American family whose kids are ruined by their social media addiction. The design of the social media accounts play a big role in their addiction, with functions such as the “like” button, red notification signs, and infinity scrolls keeping them starving for more digital junk.

These types of addictive designs are often referred to as dark patterns. If you work with UX you might already have heard about dark patterns, in which the…

Hint: All that glitters is not gold

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A while ago, a client of mine told me she had seen a drop in traffic since she took over the company. She wanted to know why this had happened, and most importantly how it could be solved. I agreed to help out, and then proceeded to work. However, after diving into the data I noticed something peculiar: I could see that her traffic had not decreased at all. In fact it had increased since her take-over, and not just by little. …

With a bit of creativity, low traffic sites can be tested too.

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A/B tests are one of the most effective ways companies can improve their website and increase conversions. It is an important part of conversion rate optimization, in which the end goal is to decrease friction and increase motivation (to a conversion) among your visitors. Because it’s completely data-driven you can easily detect what is working and vice versa, without guessing or going for that “gut-feeling.”

If your company has low traffic however, it can be difficult to conduct a proper A/B test. According to CRO-expert *Rich Page, the web page you are testing needs at least 5000 visitors a week…

Working with data is so much more than numbers, stats and numb, “emotionless” technologies.

When thinking of the work of a digital analyst, creativity is rarely the first thing that comes to mind. Among the amount of numbers, stats and numb, emotionless technologies we work with, it’s easy to think that it’s all cold-blooded data coming in and out.

But digital analytics is all about building appropriate models to work with, strategizing, asking the right questions, seeing patterns that are not obvious on the surface, presenting discoveries in a way that makes sense to others, and so much more. All of these tasks mentioned demand creativity.

When working with a client I always approach…

Privacy and Security

Your job, relationship status, and health condition influence your data value more than you might know.

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In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has left people with more questions than ever, while opening up the discussion of the true value of customer data. According to an article in The Economist, “data is the new oil,” and it’s no secret anymore that big tech giants like Facebook and Google are making billions on selling it. But how much is your personal data as an individual actually worth?

As it turns out, it depends on who’s asking and what their goals are. Not all data are equal either. In The US a users’ collected data is…

With the mobile trend rising, an excellent mobile web design is crucial for companies that want to win customers over

Today, the average user spends around 2 hours and 51 minutes per day on their mobile device, and checks their phone at least 63 times/day. Mobile web traffic accounts for half of the global web traffic currently, and this number is only increasing. According to The World Advertising Research Center (WARC) almost 73% of internet users will access the internet using only their smartphones by 2025. Needless to say, mobile usage is here to stay and will soon overtake desktop usage.

However, despite the shift of web traffic, many companies today have a website design that is entirely centered around…

Tashina Alavi

Freelance digital analyst with a passion for data and web psychology. Wondering and wandering in Malmö, Sweden.

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